Uses for Excavators in Landscaping

Excavators in Landscaping

Excavators are one of the most valuable pieces of equipment during any landscaping or construction project. They make our jobs easier by helping us with countless projects. From digging holes to transferring materials, the excavator is a team player on any site. You’ll commonly see companies across different industries using excavators in fields such as forestry, mining, and construction. Let’s take a closer look at how else they might be used!

Digging Out and Removing Tree Stumps

Excavators are versatile machines that can make complicated tasks look easy. For starters, they can move with ease around your site and dig in hard to reach spots. Excavators are powerful enough to dig out tree stumps that may need to be removed.

Extracting a tree stump is a lot like pulling teeth. Our focus is to remove (most of) the roots as well as the stump by using a thumb attachment. It’s important to remove the stump altogether as opposed to grinding it down, because removing means the stump is forever gone! Now, there is no more unsightly wood chips, persistent baby tree shoots, or the reemerging stump as the soil around it erodes, and you break your mower on it. Using an excavator is the best way to remove a tree stump forever!

Removing Asphalt or Concrete Driveways

One of the easiest ways we remove concrete or asphalt is by using an excavator or a concrete breaker. If you have any already damaged areas, we start by removing concrete or asphalt in these areas first. Larger pieces are broken into manageable chunks using a jackhammer for easier transport.

Demolish Buildings

Our excavators also have the power to demolish mobile homes, small buildings, and sheds safely. Excavators can easily navigate within the area and fit into smaller sections that other larger machines might not be able to. Without an excavator, it would be a lot more challenging to remove these fixtures.

At Bush Hogs Gone Wild, we operate a 5-ton excavator with several attachments that can handle most small to medium size jobs. We specialize in residential projects from digging ponds, Bamboo removal, drainage issues, to name just a few of the most recent jobs. If you have a big or small project coming up soon, we want to help you create a detailed plan that is right for you.

Are you thinking about using our excavator services? Contact Pat at Bush Hog Gone Wild at 352-206-3453.