Tractor & Loader Services in Crystal River Area

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Kubota Tractors & John Deere Loader

Tractor & loader services, by Bush Hog Gone Wild, clears and removes heavy brush, trees up 4”, stumps up to 24”, thick vegetation and mows large high grass land tracts! Our 114-horsepower Kubota M6 tractor, 60-hp M6060 tractor and John Deere 304L loader, can be outfitted with a series of attachments, which includes a 15’ wide batwing mower, forestry mulcher, 6’ wide bush hog, box blade for grading, smooth grading bucket and brush grappler.

Our 5-ton Bobcat E50 excavator is also perfectly suited, to complete any & all projects, no matter the size. We specialize in heavily wooded, think brush, heavy vegetation, naturally overgrown and storm damaged related properties throughout West Central Florida.

Tractor & Loader Services!

Call or email Bush Hog Gone Wild today, for tractor and loader services, on your residential, commercial and large land tract properties! We use our tractor and loader to perform a variety of tasks and can help with the following:

  • Move dirt, rocks, trees, stumps and other debris with a smooth bucket. Use a grapple to move heavy brush piles and other hard-to-handle items. Use our forestry mulcher to clear heavy brush. Use our bush hog to clear wooded lots. Grade, groom and prep driveways, RV pads, or new building sites, with a heavy-duty box blade, with ripper shanks. Transport hay bales and other palletized items with 4-foot pallet forks

We can also utilize our excavator to dig retention ponds up to 11.6 feet deep, create drainage swales, remove trees and stumps. With our heavy duty equipment, these tasks become very efficient,  in an expeditious manner!

Hurricane & Severe Storm Damage

Hurricane, Tornado & Severe storm damage clearing, forestry mulching, bush hogging, removal, burning and site prep services, by Bush Hog Gone Wild! We specialize in Down Trees, Limbs, Branches, Stump and Brush clearing, after severe weather affects your property! Using our Bobcat Excavator, JD Loader, Kubota tractor, Bush Hog and Grappling attachments, we clear unwanted debris efficiently and expeditiously! We serve the West Central Florida Region. Contact us today, to reclaim your property from storm damage!

Call Bush Hog Gone Wild Today!

Contact Bush Hog Gone Wild at 352-206-3453  or today, to schedule our loader and tractor services on your next property project in West Central Florida!