Bush Hogging / Brush Hogging in West Central Florida

Bush Hogging, Brush hogging, by the experts! Has the overgrown brush on your residential property started to take a toll on your home’s aesthetic appeal and value? Are trees, or stumps on your commercial property, making it difficult for you to build a new structure? Bush Hog Gone Wild brush, tree, stump clearing, burning and removal services, will solve these dilemmas efficiently and cost effectively.

Bush Hogging, Brush Hogging in West Central Florida

We have the heavy-duty equipment needed to complete jobs of all sizes! This includes a 114-horsepower Kubota M6 tractor, that utilizes our front mounted 6-foot wide bush hog, rear mounted forestry mulcher, 66” and 61” Altoz track driven cutters and JD 304L loader, with front-attached rake style grapple. Ideally suited equipment to clear away heavy brush, vegetation and trees up to 6 inches in diameter.

We also have a 5-ton, Bobcat E50 excavator, that removes trees up to 24 inches in diameters, stumps and other heavy vegetation. We can burn all excess brush, trees stumps and stumps onsite, or we can remove from your property in our dump trailer.

Did you know, Bush Hog Gone Wild also provides you with a number of other brush clearing services? If you’re looking to transform the look of a plot of land. Call now us now, for our tractor, loader and excavator services to:

  • Remove tree stumps, for burning, or hauling from property
  • Fill holes, left behind by trees and tree stumps
  • Mow large tract high grass land plots and steep banks
  • Trim back branches and brush located along a fence line

Over the years, commercial  business and private land owners in West Central Florida, have called on Bush Hog Gone Wild, for our brush clearing, removal and removal services. We can clear land to build upon, improve appearance, value, safety and liability issues. We also reclaim overgrown land that had been left to Mother Nature.

Hurricane & Severe Storm Brush Clearing & Removal

Hurricane, Tornado & Severe storm damage clearing, forestry mulching, bush hogging, removal, burning and site prep services. We specialize in Down Trees, Limbs, Branches, Stump and Brush clearing, after severe weather affects your property! Using our Bobcat Excavator, JD Loader, Kubota tractor, Bush Hog, Forestry mulcher and Grappling attachments, we clear unwanted debris efficiently and expeditiously! We serve the West Central Florida Region. Contact us today, to reclaim your property from storm damage!

Regardless of your reason, Bush Hog Gone Wild, can provide you with the brush clearing, burning and removal services in West Central Florida you need. Call us today, at 352-206-3453  or pat@bushhoggonewild.com to get your project started!