Land Excavation & Grading Services in West Central Florida

Land excavation and grading with ExcavatorLand excavation and grading with ExcavatorM6060 tractor with finishing box blade for driveways or RV padsLand excavation and grading

Land & Property Excavation Experience 

Bush Hog Gone Wild, has years of experience in raw land and developed property excavation and grading services. Our professional team utilizes the latest heavy-duty equipment, to prepare sites for your new construction, efficiently and effectively. Whether you need land clearing excavation and grading services for new construction, or beautification, you can rely on our expert team! We also dig retention ponds and drainage swells to your exacting specifications!

Land, or property excavation and grading requires expertise, knowledge and advanced specialized equipment. As excavation specialists, we remove tree stumps and debris, to prepare the site for new building, driveway, or road construction.

Land Excavation & Grading Equipment 

As established excavating and grading contractors, we efficiently clear your land of trees, stumps, brush and naturally grown vegetational debris. Our team thoroughly clears private, commercial, or residential property, in preparation of your construction project, by using the latest equipment. We can dig 11.6  feet deep with our Bobcat excavator!

We can outfit our Bobcat E50 excavator, with a 36-inch grading and smoothing bucket, 24-inch toothed bucket, concrete breaker, or brush cutter. This enables us to remove almost anything from your property. Our Bobcat MT85, John Deere loader, Kubota M6 tractor, M6060 tractor, possess a smooth grading front mounted bucket, or grapple attachment. Our tractor has a rear mounted box blade, for additional land grading prep services.

Driveway & RV pad grading and installation

Bush Hog Gone Wild, removes sod, grades, preps and installs driveways and RV pads, with recycled asphalt millings!

Retention Pond and drainage swales

With our E 50 bobcat excavator, we currently dig 11.6 feet deep, but rented a larger excavator to complete a 15 foot deep retention pond recently!

New building site preparation

Our team works diligently to prepare your site for new construction projects, to your desired specifications. We can burn trees, stumps and excess foliage, on-site, or haul to designated land fill sites. Currently, our land excavation services are available throughout West Central Florida.

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Our years of experience, has garnered great praise for our exceptional service and finished projects throughout West Central Florida! If you have any questions about our land and property excavation services, contact us today, 352-206-3453 or