Bush hog, Tree, Stump, Pasture mowing & Driveway installation in West Central Florida Area

How can Bush Hog Gone Wild help you?

Bush hogging, Tree, Stump Removal, Pasture mowing & Recycled Asphalt Driveway installation in the Spring Hill area! Bush Hog Gone Wild, is the preferred company for loader, excavator, land, tree, stump, brush hogging, bush hogging, large field, pasture and lot mowing! Building demolition, new building site prep, retention pond, drainage swale, driveway grading-prep-installation, mulching, burning, removal and hauling services! We also offer aerial drone mapping services!


Heavy Equipment for every task!

Our heavy equipment includes a 114-horsepower Kubota M6 tractor, 60-hp M6060 tractor, 5-ton Bobcat E50 excavator, John Deere 304L loader and  Bobcat MT85 track loader. The bush hogging and lot mowing equipment includes 2 – zero-turn Altoz track driven cutters, John Deere and Kubota heavy duty mowers. Tractor equipment attachments include a Seppi forestry mulcher, 6 foot bush hog that mulches trees up to 6”, grading box blade, 15’ wide bat wing mower, Harley rake and smooth bucket. Excavator attachments include smooth & toothed buckets for removing stumps up to 24”, excavation and grading, grappling rake and concrete jack, They are all designed to complete your project, in an efficient, expedited manner! We currently serve clients in West Central Florida.


Improve look, safety and value!

If you would like to improve the look, safety and value of your home, business, or investment property, while making your land safer, to eliminate liability issues, call us today, to clear away dead trees, stumps, and overgrown brush that currently liter the property! If you need disaster cleanup in the aftermath of severe strong storms, tornadoes, or hurricane related damage, please call today!

Land, Tree, Stump and Brush removal, clearing, or burning, transforms your property and adds value! Our specifically designed heavy and light equipment, enables us to perform a variety of removal and beautification services, in a very efficient and expedited manner. If your trying to sell, or just want enhanced atheistic enjoyment, Contact Us Today, For More Information

Hurricane & Tornado Damage Clearing Services

Severe storm damage clearing, forestry mulching, bush hogging, removal, burning and site prep services, by Bush Hog Gone Wild! We specialize in Down Trees, Limbs, Branches, Stump and Brush clearing, after severe weather affects your property! Using our Bobcat Excavator, JD Loader, Kubota tractor, Altoz Bush Hog cutters and Grappling attachments, we clear unwanted debris efficiently and expeditiously! We serve the West Central Florida Region. Contact us today, to reclaim your property from storm damage! 352-206-3453  or  pat@bushhoggonewild.com

Areas We Serve

West Central Florida