The Importance of Removing Dead Tree Stumps

Bush Hog Gone Wild tree stump removal

If you’re tired of looking at those leftover tree stumps in your yard, it might be time to call a professional like Bush Hog Gone Wild to come remove them from your property by digging them out. This is much more beneficial than grinding them. Tree stumps can be hazardous to your property and home if left in your yard.

Infestation in Yard

Tree stumps can attract insects and pests to manifest on your property. Termites especially, are dangerous because they can head towards the house if they grow in numbers. If you have live trees in your yard, and the tree stumps are infested, those live trees are also susceptible to disease.

Root Growth

The tree stumps that are left over can still continue to grow after the other part of the tree is cut off and removed from your property. Roots can continue to grow and be dangerous for cement, sewer lines, electric lines, etc. The lawn and other plant life can suffer as well.

They Don’t Enhance the Look of Your Yard

When you have tree stumps left over, your yard is not going to look better than your neighbor’s yard. If you’d like your yard to improve in looks, then hiring a tree stump removal service is the best option to get your yard looking the way you want it.

Another thing people don’t realize is that having tree stumps in your yard can become a liability if there are children playing in the yard. They can cause serious injuries to children and elderly. You may not be able to have cookouts and parties in your yard if they are there.

Bush Hog Gone Wild can remove those tree stumps from your property by using an excavator. We also offer loader services to haul them away, so you don’t have to worry about it.

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