Wood Lumber & Mill Services in Brooksville

Precise Results with Mill Services

Woodworking requires knowledge, attention to detail, and patience. You cannot expect to achieve this without experience and the right machinery. At Bush Hog Gone Wild, we are specialists in providing state-of-the-art wood and lumber mill services. We have years of experience, the latest equipment and a trained team to provide you with precise results for any of your woodwork projects. We offer you crisp, clean and custom-tailored wood and lumber mill services to meet your exact needs!

Customized Usable Hardwood Lumber 

We are an established wood and lumber contractor in the region. We have a wide range of quality hardwoods and lumber to help you with a woodworking project of any scale.

Our mill facility has the latest and highest performing equipment and machines. We produce jobs of any size, type of wood, or lumber, safely and efficiently. With the use of specialized tools, we can provide you with a precise and meticulous cut of wood and lumber for various applications. Our team of experienced professionals pays special attention to detail, while performing any wood, or lumber milling task and on-time delivery.

If there is a particular tree in your yard, or property you want to remove and mill, we can help. Using our advanced equipment, we remove the tree, bring it to our facility and mill per specifications for your project. We can cut lumber and wood in slabs, beams, planks and dimensions, per your specifications.

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For more information about the wood and lumber mill services we offer in West Central Florida, contact us today at 352-206-3453 or pat@bushhoggonewild.com